Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012 Sunglasses

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Louis vuitton launched his sunglasses collections in November 2005 when he opened the Champs Elysees. Before opening, he first carried out a thorough design research to come up with the highest level of eye protection.

His portrait gallery of Parisian and New York trendsetters was carried out by a well known graffiti artist and party boy Andres Saraiva. His collections of sunglasses are made from high quality materials and are of highest quality and they appear in many different styles, specifications and designs to suit the taste of all. Most of his glasses are made from acetate and Damier canvas frames which are durable and of very high quality. Other types are also available and are made from acetate and metal frames which also look stylish and durable. When worn, they look stylish, very smart and are modern.

Apart from sunglasses; Louis Vuittoni also stocks beautiful and very high quality men’s bags. In his collection are business bugs, messenger bags, tote bags, Backpacks, Pouches and shoulder strips. All his bags look stylish and elegant and appear in various colors and designs. Men shoes are also in Louis’s collections. He stocks different types of high quality and durable shoes such as, the loofers, lace-ups, buckle shoes, Ankle boots, sneakers and open styles. All his shoes are handcrafted and made from very high quality original leather. Some of his most popular and high quality collections are, the Dandy, Undulation, Arizona, Dress code, Fumour and the Translantic.