Hercules Universal Fall 2013 by Bruno Staub

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Hercules is a Spanish magazine. The 2013 collections are contained in the Hercules universal called, “The new order- A New York city Affair”, In the 2013 collections, are beautiful and stunning coats, huts and sunglasses modeled by David Ayboji and photographed by Bruno Staub.

The coats are of very high quality and are of different designs and styles. They are made from very high quality fabrics and are modern and original. They are well designed for the winter season, are warm and comfortable. The outfit is composed of a coat, a tweed jacket, a waist coat, a shirt, a tie and a belt to match. Trousers with a monk strap, matching sunglasses and a leather brief case.

The jackets are woolen and are of different colors. They match well with a full suit. The hats are of high quality original wool and are soft, comfortable and warm. The sunglasses are stylish and of high quality. They are made from quality materials which are long lasting and durable. The ties in the collection are of high quality and are made from quality material in silk and wool. They are available in different colors and styles. They are stripped, plain and spotted. The shirts in the collection are all designer. They are made of quality woolen and silk fabric and are available in different colors, styles and designs. They appear in plain, stripped and checked. The collections are all of very high quality and stylish and conform to the modern taste.


The 25th anniversary celebration of the GQ UK’s best magazine was celebrated in style. Beautiful black and white suites photographed by John Wright were taken with the fashion Editorial being named, “servile Row is Rock’ n Roll”.

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Popular and highly skilled British tailoring houses designed high quality suits made from merino wool to the renowned world’s best artists like Jonny Marr, Chilli Jesson, Ray Davies, Miles Kane, Jarvis Cocker, Roger Dalfrey, and John Taylor among others, the styling was done by Jo Levin. The fabric used is of the highest quality merino wool from the best British manufacturing wool mills. The designing is done by the best designers and stylists. All the suits are made according to the customer’s specifications, the cut is done by a very skilled individual, and then the crafting is left to the experts who are very skilled and experienced.

They are made with utmost precision and care. The pattern is chosen by the customer and the finished suite takes a minimum of 50 hours of hand work and requires a lot of fittings. These are the reasons why the suites look elegant and stylish on the wearer. The fabric used in making the suites is the best merino wool which is very soft and finest wool fabric produced by the Australian wool growers who have perfected the expertise and passion to create fine, luxurious merino fibre for fabric and knitwear. All the suites match well with, beautifully designed ties and shirts and black or dark brown shoes.

GQ Japan January 2014 with Paolo Anchisi by Adrian Mesko

Night on the town is a beautiful editorial on various types of Tuxedos from major fashion houses like Brioni, Louis Vuittoni, Etro, Gucci, Dolce and many others.

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The Tuxedos are modeled by the Italian model Paolo Archisi and photography by Adrian Mesko. They come in different styles and designs and are of very high quality. Some of the most popular Tuxedos unveiled are, Behar Tuxedo, the Oleg Cassini Evening, the Oleg cassini Notch, Belmont by Oleg cassini, The black culaway Tailcoat, the Black legend Notch, the Black Mezio and many more. The Tuxedos are all made from sophisticated high quality fabrics. They come in different colors and designs. The stitching has been done by highly skilled tailors and with utmost precision.

The Tuxedos match very well with wing collar shirts. The fitted lay down collar, the poly lay down collar and the white lay down collar. They can also match well with the plain colored shirts, stripped shirts and even checked ones. Tuxedos can also match well with any good quality tie but most especially the Cavalier tie, the Esquire tie, the Imperial Bow tie, the Imperial Windsor tie and many others. It also matches well with the black ties. Tuxedos can look smart and elegant especially with black shoes but other colors can also match well; the shoes should mostly be of low soles

Tuxedos are mostly worn in weddings where they look very elegant and unique.

Finamore Autumn Winter 2013-14 Collection

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Finamore is one of the most famous and skilled shirt makers in Naples, Italy. His shirts are all handmade and he started the art of making shirts way back in 1925 and since then generations after generations of his family  has been keeping his tradition of making very high quality handmade shirts.

Finamore has once again unveiled wonderful collections for the Autumn Winter for the year 2013-14. They have unveiled very smart looking high quality handmade shirts inspired by a Nordic  atmosphere. They have dark colors, camouflaged prints and even the warm fabrics. Some of their best collections are; The Promo Collections. This is one of their best collections, they are made from the most traditional and precious fabrics like the tweed and flannel, talon and the finest wool. Shirts are also made from the finest denim cotton of the modern times. The shirts come in different designs and sizes. They have plain and checked which also come in both short and long sleeved.

Milano: This is Finamores’ most modern classic shirt, it is handmade and is a good mix of tradition and modernity

Napoli;     this shirt is Finamores’ interpretation of the Neapolitan. It is purely handmade. It is classic in style and the sleeve has a special  “crease” which gives the shoulder a comfortable freedom for movement.

Tokyo; this is a sports nature high quality shirt which has a perfect fit and a specific length and is made of non-adhesive linings and exclusive fabrics. Generally therefore, Finamore shirts are of very high quality and are all handmade.

How to surprise your boyfriend?

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If you thought about surprising your boyfriend or thinking about a way to make him happier, then you are in love with him for sure. There are many ways to surprise him and no matter which one you will choose, it will bring you two closer and improve the quality of your relationship. No matter which way you will choose, the result will be positive, that’s for sure. Here are some suggestions that you might use:

  1. Give him a gift. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Men are very sensitive to these kinds of stuff. I am pretty sure that soon you will get a gift in return as-well.
  2. Write him a letter. Nobody expects a letter nowadays since the technology is on this level. This is one of the most-surprising things you can do.
  3. Text him something short and sexy that will turn him on like “no panties.” When he is at the end of his work-time.
  4. Cook something nice and surprise him with a morning-breakfast. At least this is not that hard to do and it doesn’t take a lot of time.
  5. Organize party or lunch where you will gather either his family or his friends.

How to improve your relationship

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Everyone that is in a happy relationship is a blessed person. And everyone that feels like that is trying to improve the relationship. You can improve your relationship on many ways. Here are the most used and proven ways:

  1. Appreciate your partner and show him how much you love him/her. There are many ways to do that. Either by giving gifts, doing what makes him/her happy, writing letter etc. etc.
  2. Don’t blame your partner. Whenever there is a conflict, try to fix it together, not alone. Stop blaming each other and work on it together.
  3. Trust each other. The more you trust the better! Trusting each other is the key of every relationship.
  4. Listen to each other. The more you listen the more you know about your partner and the more you understand him/her! Listening is very, very important.
  5. Giving honest opinion. Being honest is the second most important thing after trusting each other. You should give your honest opinion about everything, and not saying what your partner wants to hear. If you say what your partner wants to hear, it often leads to bad decisions. So always be honest.
  6. Find what both of you like and do it often. That will bring you closer for sure.

Is long-distance relationship, good or bad?

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Every long-distance relationship is very hard to maintain, I’m sure everyone would agree on that. But is it worth trying? Well, it depends on how much you love that other distance that’s very far from you. If the person on the other side of the relationship is the one you love and you’re happy with that person, then yes, it’s worth trying. Because if you don’t give it a try, then you’ll probably end up wondering if it was going to work out or not.  Besides, if you try you have nothing to lose. If you don’t try, you’ve lost it all already. But at the end, the answer to the question “Is it worth trying?” lies down inside you.

Ask yourself that question. One big mistake that many couples are doing is to compare your relationship to other relationships. Just DON’T. Every relationship is unique. Only because someone’s long-distance relationship didn’t work, doesn’t means yours won’t either. Many people didn’t believe in many things and at the end someone proved them wrong. If nobody believes that your relationship can’t survive as long-distance one, prove them that they’re wrong. It’s your life, it’s your decision, make sure you don’t make a mistake.