Pal Zileri Spring Summer 2014 Collection

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Palzileri is an Italian fashion house. It stocks a very wide variety of spring, summer collections which is branded by an Australian model, Tom Bull. The store stocks high quality exclusive fabrics such as summer time blends such as wool, linen, mohair or the delightful wool and silk suits, linen trousers, blazers, practical sportswear and pilota jackets which has a very beautiful silhouette. Palzileri stocks a wide variety of high quality shirts such as the miaro effect, a dark grey single stripe, Stripe effect,a  grey single breasted and the checked effect, a brown single breasted, checked effect, a blue single breasted, miaro effect, dark  blue single breasted, stripe effect, navy blue single breasted, the single breasted viaggiature and the stripe effect, a brown single breasted suit. They all come in different sizes and are most effective and are very popular in the market. They also stock various types of high quality designer shirts, both formal and sportswear with prices varying according to the make and quality.

Apart from shirts and suits, they also stock high quality trousers both formal and sportswear with varying prices. They come in different styles, colors, sizes and types. Some of the popular brands are, the classic needleoord and the classic trousers. There are also high quality sportswear trousers in different colors, styles and shapes.

High quality designer shirts are also available, casual, formal wear and sports wear are all available and are of high quality and in different colors, sizes and styles.

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Men’s Ex September 2013 on Japanese shoemakers

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Men’s EX in its September issue focuses on Japanese shoemakers in their 20th anniversary dubbed “shoes Book”. In this issue of the Ex magazine, we find and discover the popular shoes models crafted by Sanyo Yamacho, Otsuka m-5, Sotch Grain, Madras, Union imperial, Regel, Miyagi, Kogyo, Ginza, Yoshinoya and Perffelo.

There are so many types of high quality durable and stylish looking shoes by these popular shoemakers. These shoes come in different colors of blue, brown, dark brown and dark tarn. They also come in different designs for every ones taste. The shoes are made of very high quality leather and suede materials. The soles are very strong and durable and are also made of real leather. Some of the most popular brands are the, m-112, m5-223, m5-246, m152g, ma178, 930, 916, u1520, u1521, u1211, 2236 ,32ER, 911R, the Fujibana, Nanohana, Campidoglio, pf-1016, 600 and the 678 type.

All these shoes are handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen who craft the shoes with the highest precision and skills. The shoes are comfortable to wear and are also durable and long lasting. The Campidoglo and the pf-1016hk are made from original pure leather. Their soles are of real leather and are very strong and durable. All the shoes are a blend of the Japanese tradition and the modern tradition which combined brings out improved styles, designs and colors which conform to the modern clients taste.

Men’s ex in its September issue therefore brings out the real Japanese top brands of shoes and their unique craftsmanship.

How to avoid awkward silence on the first date?

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Silence during the date is the most awkward thing that could happen. Prepare yourself with some questions before you go on a date to make sure you avoid the silence. There are tons of questions that you can think of. I’ll share some questions with you, hopefully they’ll be helpful:

  1. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  2. How old are they? (Of course if she/he has any)
  3. What makes you laugh the most?
  4. What’s your biggest goal right now?
  5. Where do you want to travel?
  6. Do you have any pets?
  7. What kinds of movies do you like the most?
  8. What kinds of music do you listen to?
  9. Can you tell me an embarrassing story that you haven’t told before?
  10. What’s your favorite food?
  11. What do you do in your free time?
  12. Do you like sports?
  13. Do you have favorite sport?
  14. Do you train anything?
  15. Do you have hobby?
  16. What’s your favorite place in the entire world?
  17. What’s your dream-job?
  18. What’s your favorite drink?

Don’t forget not to ask these questions one after another. If you have a topic that both of you like and you started a conversation about it, keep talking about it. These are just in case there’s awkward silence.

What to wear on first date?

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Everyone is feeling nervous on the first date, everyone’s nervous during the first date. It doesn’t matter if you’re man or woman; this question is for both genders. Everyone wants to impress the other one on the first date; everyone. The right clothes can actually give you some confidence. What to wear on the first date? Well here’s something that might help you:

  1. Choose something that makes you feel good. Go for comfort. Girls, don’t use high heels, unless you’re pro in walking with them.
  2. Girls, don’t show too much of your body, just don’t. The less you show, the more mystery, the better! If you wear more clothes, it shows that you’re more intelligent, so just don’t show too much of your body, that’s it.
  3. Don’t use your best-looking clothes.
  4. Always be yourself. Do not dress like someone else just to impress someone.
  5. The last advice about what to wear on first date won’t be related to clothes actually. I’m just going to tell you to feel amazing, and remember that you’re beautiful!

Don’t expect too much. Because the less you expect, the less disappointed you will be. Good luck on your first date, be confident, be yourself!


Dating tips for women

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Women are different than men. Every single woman cares a lot more about the way she looks than any man. Of course women have more experience about clothes but when it comes to dating, they’re feeling very nervous. Why? The truth is, there is no need to feel nervous about that. You’ve dressed many times before for many other occasions, so there is no need to worry! Here are some dating tips that will help you leave better impression and hopefully a second date :

  1. Don’t show too much! Never show too much.
  2. Be yourself. Most women have some good female friend that’s in a happy relationship and sometimes they behave the same way as them thinking they’ll leave better impression. That’s wrong.  Remember, your partner is not the same person as her boyfriend. Just be yourself. Everybody else is already taken.
  3. Trust your intuition. Don’t continue dating someone if you feel that he’s not right for you. It’s just time-waste for both of you.
  4. Let him pay if he wants to. Don’t argue about payment. If he offers to pay, appreciate that.
  5. Show your feelings. Don’t try to be “a man” and hide your feelings. If you were happy and you enjoyed the date, let him know that.

What kind of girl do guys like?

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Well the answer of is actually pretty simple. It might sound stupid but the only reason of that is because girls want to make things complicated. If you want to be a girl that will impress the guys then you should read the following characteristics that will describe that kind of a girl.

  1. Look good. The outside look has the biggest influence on the first impression.
  2. Have nice hair. Wash it 3-4 times a week, get the right haircut and use the right shampoo.
  3. Be confident. This might be one of the most important characteristics that every guy wants to see in a girl.
  4. Have style. It is part of the way you look as-well so it has big influence on the first impression as-well. Don’t show too much, of course this doesn’t count if you’re on a beach. But if you’re going on a date or even if you are out with your friends walking, just dress properly and don’t show too much of your body.
  5. Make-up. The less you use the better.
  6. Behave normal. Now this is a part where if you don’t do anything else but behave normal will leave a good impression.


Good luck !


How to impress a guy on a first date?

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Well, girls have a bit of advantage here. Usually the guys are the once asking some girl for a date, which means you already know that he likes you. But that doesn’t mean that your job is done and you don’t have to do anything else. If you like that guy as-well then you should make sure that you leave a good first impression. Usually the guy is in charge for most of the date details such as choosing a good place and all a girl has to do is focus on few things.

  1. Dress yourself like a lady. Don’t show too much.
  2. Prepare some questions before you even go on a date related to many different topics. Example, you can ask him about his family, if he has any pets, if he wants to have any pets, is he working somewhere, what he wants to do the most, does he have any hobby etc. etc.
  3. Give compliments if you feel like it. Guys are not the only ones that should give compliments, don’t forget that.
  4. If your partner wants to pay for the date, let him do that. Don’t argue about it.
  5. At the end of the date if he left a good impression on you, then you should kiss him. It can be a kiss on the cheek as-well.

Good luck.

The Manollo Blahnik Shoes

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Manollo Blahnik is a renowned popular high skilled shoe designer. His shoes are popular and can now be found at the popular servile, Row tailor Anderson and Sheppard where he is a customer

Manolo Blahnik has various types of high quality designer and classic oxford makes in both brown and black leather. These two designers can be found at shop 32 Burlington Street. These shoes can also be found at Haberdashery at Clifford Street in twelve different suede colors at a reasonable price.

Manola also boasts of other high quality designs such as, Telpa, Linus, Soplant and Solala a lavish and ornamental style boot, others are Delon, Barle, Fitu and Bulale.

Besides Manola’s shoes, Anderson and Sheppard also designs and stocks various high quality designer trousers, shirts, knitwear and other accessories. Their trousers are all of high quality designs, these includes both the winter and summer cottons. They come in different styles, colors and quality. They include the corduroys, moleskins, flannels, worsteds, linens and different blends.

A wide variety of knitwear is also available in different styles, weights, colors, textures and all sizes the xxs to xxls. The available knitwear is made in Britain and is of very high quality. They are made of the finest Shetland wool, lamb wool, merino wool, cashmere, silk and cotton and can be found throughout the year. Various shirts of high quality and design are also available at Anderson and Sheppard, this includes, shirts for the town, country, and for the holidays.

The shop also stocks business shirts, formal shirts and weekend shirts; they also have colorful linen and holiday polo shirts. Winter and summer clothing and accessories are also available throughout the year.

MP by Massimo Piombo Spring Summer 2014

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 photo 004-mp-by-massimo-piombo-spring-summer-2014_zpsb5dc8ad8.jpg

M P is a spring summer 2041 beautiful collections of elegant suits, jackets, shirts and ties crafted by Massimo Piombo and Neopolitan suit maker Kiton. All these suits are of very high quality, skillfully designed and crafted by Massimo Piombo a highly skilled craftsman and a globetrotter of the world, always chasing for and looking for the best fabric for his suits. All his suits are made to measure and are in very many different colors, styles and designs.

He has the two piece suit in black colors which matches well with plain shirts and a scarf. He also has the double breasted stripped white and black jacket matched with a red shirt and navy blue trousers. There is also a 2 piece, half coat and a long outer coat matching with blue trousers and a shirt. Among his suits is a high quality checked grey suits which matches well with a yellow shirt and a spotted brown tie with a scarf to match. It also goes well with black shoes.

Mossimo in his collections also shows a unique mix and match dark brown checked half coat and matched with black shoes. All his shirts are made from the best fabric mostly very high quality woolen fabric which he gets from the best linen factories across the world. All the suits are handcrafted and done very skillfully and meticulously. His designs are unique and conform to the modern world’s fashion trends.