Why to visit Croatia?

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There are lots of reasons why you should visit Croatia, but travelers that live in the US usually do not consider this country as their travel destination. Croatia is a great country that will introduce you to the Balkan countries with its religion influence and tourist-friendly cities.The top destination in Croatia is Dubrovnik. It is Croatia’s jewel. Its Old Town is amazing and if you ever visit this country this is something you have to see. This city is very populated during the summer period so you can find people from all over the world during that time. You will find variety of accommodation, from private rooms, hostels to 5 stars luxury hotels. Some of the hotels even have their own private beach or swimming area.

The second reason why there are so many people during the summer are the festivals. You can attend the Zadar Festival, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the electronic Dimensions Festival, the Hideout Festival and many others. It also has nice night light for the young people who want to have fun.

The centerpiece of Croatia is its unique natural history of Plitvice Lakes. It is a series of lakes sluice through a rock formation called “travertine”. You will see various organisms in the water and the lake colors range from azure blue to green. The park receives so many visitors and the best way to avoid crowds is to walk the recommended routes in reverse.