sennheiser mkh 416

The reason I put this post up was to ask you if you know any online shop that sells any of these sennheiser mkh 416? if you know any, please do let me know as I needed to have one for my music class this weekend, as the teacher required us all to have it though we are all haven’t familiar with it. Do anyone out there knows what this thing is? please do let me know at the comment section below. Thanks in advance.

Warwick star bass

looking for the best brand of bass? if so, why not checking the famous warwick star bass at musiciansfriend as they sell it in a very reasonable price. Actually, you can have the regular guitar if you wanted to, especially if you are a beginner but i really suggest you to have ths bass already as time goes by you’ll have to upgrade for better hence turn out you’d still end getting the professional bass..