Advantages and disadvantages of online dating

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To find the love of your life just by surfing on the internet sounds good? Well that’s why the online dating is becoming more and more popular. Even it’s really hard to make difference between a real person and some fake one, the interest about the online-dating sites is growing more and more. People are getting more desperate to find someone who’s just right for them.


-You don’t have to leave your house to meet someone new.

-You don’t have to buy new clothes and spend lots of money on a date.

-You can chat with more than one person at the same time without the other one to be jealous.


-You can’t be sure who you’re chatting with, it might be a fake profile since some people refuse to use webcams.

-You can waste time on someone who’s not even close to what he/she says is.

-Well, you can’t touch that person as-well so, all you can do is pretty much chat and meet someone

-On the other side the person you’re chatting with may also chat with more than one person, so the last advantage can also be a disadvantage as-well.

Good Luck for those trying to find the love of their lives online.

P.S. Not all people with “athletic bodies” have one.


Relationships and commitment

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People are afraid of commitment. The only reason about that is because they’re not prepared for the future. Whenever you’re going out with someone on a date, ask yourself “Can I fall in love with this person? Do I want to spend the rest of the life with this person? Is he/she good enough for me?”. Once you get positive answer of all these questions, you’re ready for relationship and commitment. Remember, there is no good relationship without commitment, they both go together. You can’t be in a relationship without commitment. Well, maybe you can be, until it ends.

So before you jump in a relationship, answer those questions but also check if your partner feels the same about you. It’s not all about you; it’s about both of you. How to check if your partner feels the same about you? That’s difficult question. In a great relationship, all you care about is to make your partner happy. To give everything you can, and expect nothing in return. If you feel that the partner does the same, then you’re lucky to have him/her. It might sound complicated until you find the right person, and then, it’s very, very simple.

Online dating mistakes

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Online dating is becoming more and more popular nowadays and there are tons of online dating websites. Many people are trying to find the love of their life using one, but most of the people are making mistakes.

  1. Don’t get too attracted by the pictures. You know what they say “Nobody is as beautiful as their picture and ugly as the ID picture”. So don’t rely on the look you see on pictures. Also remember, if someone is beautiful doesn’t mean she/he has good character as-well. Get to know each-other before you make a decision whether he/she is the right person for you or not.
  2. Don’t pay too much attention on details. If she doesn’t like the book that you read four times, it doesn’t make big difference.
  3. Don’t believe everything you read in their profile description. Remember, everyone can write that is funny, outgoing, friendly, optimist etc. etc.
  4. Don’t try to impress more than 1 person at the same time. Focus on one.
  5. Don’t agree to go out on a date until you see that person via skype or at least hear her/his voice on phone.
  6. If you like to joke with people, remember that not everyone likes jokes. So before you do anything like that, make sure the person on the other side likes that.

Dating tips for men

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As a man you feel more pressure than a woman about the first date. Maybe they have more pressure about clothes but that’s because they have a lot of clothes. Men feel more pressure about the date in general. “What’s going to happen? Am I going to impress her? What if I say something wrong? What if she doesn’t like me?” are just some of the questions that men think about. To lower the risk that something wrong will happen, here are some tips:

  1. Plan the whole evening. Plan every single minute of it and make it interesting. Don’t just go on dinner and end it there. Go on a walk afterwards, sit somewhere to talk more, do something else.
  2. Use compliments, but use them appropriately. Use compliments only when you really think she deserves them. Half of your job is done here
  3. Pay the dinner or the cinema ticket or whatever you’re going to do that night.
  4. Be confident. Always be confident. Girls don’t like when someone is shy or is not sure about something.
  5. Be on time. Real men are never late.
  6. Tell her that you had great time at the end of the date. Instead of calling her the next day and talk about the date, tell her at the end. Tell her that you had fun with her and enjoyed the evening.


Good luck !