Electronic drum set

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Guitar humidifier

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Music stores in nashville

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sennheiser mkh 416

The reason I put this post up was to ask you if you know any online shop that sells any of these sennheiser mkh 416? if you know any, please do let me know as I needed to have one for my music class this weekend, as the teacher required us all to have it though we are all haven’t familiar with it. Do anyone out there knows what this thing is? please do let me know at the comment section below. Thanks in advance.

Warwick star bass

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Versatile van halen

I admit, I consider van halen best of both worlds, why? because this little guy is very versatile which yu can use on in any type of guitar you have. You can actually search on YouTube for more tutorial on how does this tool works. Also, Other good thing was, the price of this van halen is not that much where you can afford it in no time and for the pricing list you may check wwbw.com for details.

Mesa mini rectifier

I just made this post up to know where could I buy off this awesome mesa mini rectifier because my music teacher is asking for one for our recital this coming weekend. I dunno though where to buy hence am asking you all here if you knew any please let me know so that I can have myself one for our most needed recital to be done and went well based on what our teacher expectation. I admit though that I am not that good in music class and yet am trying my hardest effort to make it at least looks good. okay, that would be all for now and will upload some pictures soon regarding this recital.

Best Musical Instruments Online

I know might most of you doesn’t really know on what brands of musical instruments are these in quality and may surely lasted for some good years. No worries, that’s why am here to let you know in which brand you should consider and where you can even buy the cheapest one for it.

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The awesome gator case

Got yourself your own guitar or any handy musical instruments? if so, why not getting an gator case for the safety purposes as of course we should keep our musical instrument in proper as the usual prices of these finds are quite incredibly expensive especially for those who haven’t well off like others. Hence, it’s better for us to have this gator case as it has a great safety feature whether for the hard hit as well in the water spill and sorts. Go check google for further details about it for you consideration.

Conductor baton

Believe it or not, conductor baton i pretty important for the conductor though sometimes we just used to see them having nothing as they conduct a orchestra but a tool such a baton is a must for the member can be easily to coordinate on the conductor itself. You can actually check some youtube videos on how important this conductor baton is hence its better for you to have one as you’re into that field.