GQ Japan January 2014 with Paolo Anchisi by Adrian Mesko

Night on the town is a beautiful editorial on various types of Tuxedos from major fashion houses like Brioni, Louis Vuittoni, Etro, Gucci, Dolce and many others.

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The Tuxedos are modeled by the Italian model Paolo Archisi and photography by Adrian Mesko. They come in different styles and designs and are of very high quality. Some of the most popular Tuxedos unveiled are, Behar Tuxedo, the Oleg Cassini Evening, the Oleg cassini Notch, Belmont by Oleg cassini, The black culaway Tailcoat, the Black legend Notch, the Black Mezio and many more. The Tuxedos are all made from sophisticated high quality fabrics. They come in different colors and designs. The stitching has been done by highly skilled tailors and with utmost precision.

The Tuxedos match very well with wing collar shirts. The fitted lay down collar, the poly lay down collar and the white lay down collar. They can also match well with the plain colored shirts, stripped shirts and even checked ones. Tuxedos can also match well with any good quality tie but most especially the Cavalier tie, the Esquire tie, the Imperial Bow tie, the Imperial Windsor tie and many others. It also matches well with the black ties. Tuxedos can look smart and elegant especially with black shoes but other colors can also match well; the shoes should mostly be of low soles

Tuxedos are mostly worn in weddings where they look very elegant and unique.


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Charvet is the world’s ever first shirt shop in Paris. It was established in 1938 by Joseph Christophe charvet. It is located at 28 place Vendome in a five storey building.

Charvet stocks quality designer well made shirts in ready to wear collection. His shirts are made to measure. He has the largest collection of shirt fabrics and is in possession of about 6000 patterns, colors and designs.

Charvet is home to the most popular and stylish designs such as the classic pinstripe, Double cuff shirt, classic striped double cuff shirt, classic Heavy popin double cuff shirt, classic single cuff shirt, classic double cuff shirt and many more. All the above mentioned shirts are available in different designs, colors and quality. They are available in short and long sleeves. The shirts are made from very high quality fabric in wool and linen. Design and finishing is done by highly experienced and skilled tailors. The shirts come with matching ties. The ties are of different designs and colors. Some of the designer ties are the blue silk knitted tie, the purple silk knitted tie, the Bordeaux silk knitted tie, the honeycomb jacquard silk tie, the striped jacquard silk tie, the Dot pattern jacquard tie and many others. All these ties are made from high quality fabric and come in different colors and design to suite every customer’s taste. Apart from shirts and ties, charvet also stocks high quality beautiful men’s slippers which come in blue, brown and dark brown colors. They are very comfortable and durable. They also stock beautiful silk and woolen handkerchiefs which are available in many colors and patterns. They also make quality suits on order.