Relationships and commitment

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People are afraid of commitment. The only reason about that is because they’re not prepared for the future. Whenever you’re going out with someone on a date, ask yourself “Can I fall in love with this person? Do I want to spend the rest of the life with this person? Is he/she good enough for me?”. Once you get positive answer of all these questions, you’re ready for relationship and commitment. Remember, there is no good relationship without commitment, they both go together. You can’t be in a relationship without commitment. Well, maybe you can be, until it ends.

So before you jump in a relationship, answer those questions but also check if your partner feels the same about you. It’s not all about you; it’s about both of you. How to check if your partner feels the same about you? That’s difficult question. In a great relationship, all you care about is to make your partner happy. To give everything you can, and expect nothing in return. If you feel that the partner does the same, then you’re lucky to have him/her. It might sound complicated until you find the right person, and then, it’s very, very simple.

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