Roar – Katy Perry (Boyce Avenue feat. Bea Miller cover)

I admit, when it comes to my musics I prefer these pop songs like what does Korean musics has to offer. Because pop are the usual catchy and at the same time, it does sounds heavenly to ears, right? I know most of you will agree on me here. However though, this recently. I’ve started to loved some westerner artists and their type of musics to offer. And one of them was this band called Boyce Avenue. Actually, Boyce Avenue has a same genre to Kpop because they’re paying some balled slow rock and pop songs too and one of their cover, together with the young lady named Bea Miller, got my attention which the Roar of Katy Perry. Check the video on top for you to see on how awesome these guys are..

I hope too, that they put an good trumpet stands touched on the sound arrangement for it to be sound more lovely to ears. ehhe just my opinion though.. Okay, that’s it for now, dont forget to enjoy the video on top.

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