Cifonelli is one of the French finest bespoke tailors. His works combine a perfect homogeneity between the French tradition, Italian lightness and English structuralism which all combined brings out the best Modena designs.

Each of his designers is done with utmost care and precision, ample time is given to each step in the design process observing maximum concentration and keenness to bring out the best styles from each design. This process also ensures the production of very high quality designs. This is seen where up to 8 hours is required to create a bespoke suit. Coats are designed with utmost care and each part is made very carefully and accurately including the sophisticated parts like the famous shoulder-cut towards the front and the high armholes which refine the figure. This is Cifonellis area of specialization which has even earned it the name”Ciffonellis’ shoulder cut”. Ciffonelli is also an expert in making complicated parts of a clothe like the Milan style button holes, step callers, special lapels and other stylistic designs. He has designed various high profile designer collections of very high quality such as the Bellagio blazer, canadienne blazer, the classic one, class three, Clyde, cortine Dandy, DB blazer, Denim jackets Edelweiss, English coat, Eton, Gala, Gatsby and many others.

The designer coats and jackets come in different styles, colors, designs and sizes. Before making any designs, Ciffonelli carries out market research too come up with modern acceptable styles, the jackets and coats are both comfortable and stylish thanks to a thorough research on the market.

Ciffonelli also operates an e-boutique which stocks casual chic wear and other ready to wear lines He is also famous for designing various quality modern collections which also still remain their traditional quality and precision.